Between both major cities of the dalmate coast, Trogir the medieval and Dubrovnik " the pearl of the Adriatic ", spreads a wonderful coast, strewed with charming islands as Korcula and Hvar, rich in monuments of any architectural styles, Romanic, Gothic or revival, but also endowed with a generous nature where prosper lavenders, vineyards and fig trees.

This circuit allows to discover the wonderful dalmate landscapes and these protected Mediterranean towns where are Split, Sibenik, Trogir, Kastel and Dubrovnik, whose sinuous and shaded alleys invite in the stroll.

Accommodated in the centre of this coast, our hosts have the possibility from Kastel to realize complete circuits allowing to appreciate the immense wealth and all the variety of Croatia.

Along the sandy beaches or along the fine pebbles triumph colours, flavours and typical landscapes of Croatia

Considered as the most beautiful coast of Europe, this small paradise will amaze you by its beauty and its charm unequalled: creeks of dreams, forests of cypress and pine forests, islands and islands as far as the eye can see a paradisiacal frame in crystal clear and deep waters

Place of delights where the meals savouring in the sun, dalmate beaches are simply wonderful.





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